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Unlike a pre-recorded video course, Lecturify lets you talk with a real teacher. You can ask questions live in a 1-on-1 private lesson or in a small class. Feel free to instant message the teacher your questions during a lecture.

Master a New Subject

Are you studying a new language? You can learn from a qualified, native speaker. You'll learn how real speakers use the language, not just how it's taught in books. If you're studying math or science, you get live homework help from a real teacher. Don't remain confused any longer!

Homework and Essay Help

Upload your homework assignments and essays and get feedback on how you are doing. Your teacher can not only correct mistakes but help explain concepts in class.

Interactive Whiteboard

The whiteboard lets both teachers and students write on the same board together. This lets you learn faster and remember more.

Comfort and Privacy

You can learn in the comfort of your home while still speaking to a real teacher. For more privacy, you can turn off your camera and microphone. You can still ask questions by sending an instant message, and your instructor will answer those questions during class.


Don't waste money and time traveling to school. You can instead pick classes that best fit your busy schedule and learn wherever is most convenient for you.


All of our published materials and software are available to copy, modify, and share with your friends and classmates.

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All plans include one free lesson!

What our Customers Say

Lecturify helped me learn English faster than other video courses. I actually get to speak with real teachers.
John Brown
Before I came to class, I did not know how to solve a difficult math problem. With this app, I could write it on the whiteboard and ask my teacher to explain it. It has saved me from failing my math class.
Joe Smith
I love how I can pick classes at very early hours in the morning or very late at night. It's perfect because I have a full-time job.
Jane Doe
I can learn without having to drive to class. I can use any device: laptop, phone, or tablet.
Cindy Green

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